SEBI Complaints Redress System (SCORES)

SCORES stands for SEBI Complaints Redress System. Here investors can lodge and follow up their complaints and can also track the status of such complaints. Also SCORES  enables the listed companies and market intermediaries to receive complaints against them form the investors.
How to register a complaint online on SCORES portal :
1.  click on “Complaint Registration” under “Investor Corner”.  Here you will see the complaint registration form
2.       Fill all personal details and complaint details fields on the Form.
3.     A PDF document (up to 1MB of size for each nature of complaint) can also be attached along with the complaint as the supporting document.
4.       On successful submission of complaint, a unique registration number will be displayed on the screen which may be noted for future correspondence.
5.       An email acknowledging the complaint with complaint registration number will also be sent to the complainant’s email id entered in the complaint registration form.
6.       If you are not able to register a complaint online, you can send your complaint through post to any of the SEBI offices whose addresses are given under the menu “Contact Us”.
To register log on to

complaints in SCORES

Matters that are not considered as complaints in SCORES :
Ø  Incomplete or non specific Complaints
Ø  Allegations without supporting documents
Ø  seeking guidance/explanation or Offering suggestions
Ø  Seeking explanation for non-trading of shares or illiquidity of shares
Ø  Non-listing of shares of private offer or Not satisfied with trading price of the shares of the companies
Ø  Disputes arising out of private agreement with companies/intermediaries

SEBI do not deal with complaints given below:
1.      Complaints against unlisted/delisted/wound up/liquidated/sick companies
2.       Complaints that are sub-judice
3.       Complaints falling under the purview of other regulatory bodies.

Complaints in other Regulatory and Development Authority of India

Authorities /Regulators for the complaints which are not dealt by SEBI
Regulator/Authoritie :Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
For Grievances pertaining to  
·         Banks deposits and banking
·         Fixed Deposits with Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) and other matters pertaining to NBFCs
·         Primary Dealers
Regulator/Authoritie : Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA)
For Grievances pertaining to  
·         Fixed Deposits with manufacturing companies
·         Unlisted companies
·         Mismanagement of companies, financial performance of the company, Annual General Meeting, Annual Report, minority shareholders interest, non-receipt of preferential allotment shares, etc. and corporate actions as per the court order such as mergers, amalgamation, reduction of share capital/par value, etc.
·         Nidhi Companies
Regulator/Authoritie :Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA)
For Grievances pertaining to  
·         Insurance Companies / Brokers / Agents /products and Service
 Regulator/Authoritie :Forward Market Commission (FMC)
For Grievances pertaining to  
·         Commodities
Regulator/Authoritie : Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA)
For Grievances pertaining to  
·         Pension fund
Regulator/Authoritie : Competition Commission of India (CCI)
For Grievances pertaining to  
·         Monopoly and anti competitive practices
 Regulator/Authoritie : National Housing Bank (NHB)
For Grievances pertaining to  
·         Housing Finance Companies